Dance With Us Ottawa Facilities Rentals

Dance With Us Ottawa has the largest ballroom studio dance floor in Ottawa. Our studio, and ballroom is available for rental, either by group or individual.

Facilities included:

  • Fully mirrored 2,300 sq foot ballroom that is exceptionally lit with natural light and overhead lights.
  • Separate changing rooms for women and men
  • Two washrooms – one inside the ballroom and one in the reception area
  • Kitchette with fridge, microwave, and coffee maker
  • Reception desk and area

dance with us party

Our ballroom facility is available for the following:

  • Dance studio overflow — overbooked or double booked on your own facility? Need an extra dance floor for a single event, or repeat event? Rent our space!
  • Independant Teachers — for dance, yoga, Zumba, gymnastics, gym, theatre, or any activity that requires a floor for conducting private or group lessons.
  • Special Events — school activity, performance or recital space, parties
  • Corporate Events — a great space for indoor team building events – corporate stress buster classes, team dance events.

Rates and Availability

Our studio and ballroom is available for exclusive use rental as well as non-exclusive use rental. Taxes not included.


Facility rental is where you take exclusive use of the entire studio for your own event. You are responsible for set up, take down, and clean up. This type of rental is idea for schools, over-flow at dance, yoga, or martial arts studios, corporate events, or meetings. Please call for pricing 613-406-0066.


Floor space rental is where you share the floor with other individuals or groups. This is a non-exclusive rental, and ideal for small groups up to 10 people. Excellent use for teachers who need a space to teach private or semi-private lessons, who are not affiliated with another dance school. We can usually accomodate classes up to 20 people comfortably.

  • Group Lessons of 1-10 students, $30.00/hour taxes included
  • Group Lessons of 10-20 students, $30.00/hour, plus $3.00/person taxes included
  • Private Lessons of 1-2 students, $15.00/hour taxes included

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are subject to the following conditions:

  • Approval for event
  • Approval on number of people in facility
  • Non-refundable security deposit
  • Required liability insurance for person/persons booking space
  • No alcohol permitted, without a valid license
  • Responsible party must leave facility in rented condition

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