Ballroom Dancer Who Lost Part of Her Leg in the Boston Bombings Danced Again for the First Time

We  can’t help sharing this inspiring dance story as another addition to our Para-Dancer series.This blog comes from  A recent issue of EOnline. Isn’t it great that such a respected e-zine is featuring the new dance category of Para-dance?HERE IT IS:


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As corny as the cliché is, Adrianne Haslet-Davis had the opportunity to sit out or dance. Many would have understood if she chose to sit out—Adrianne and her husband, an Air Force major, were spectators at the Boston Marathon and she lost part of her leg, including her entire foot, when the second bomb went out. But she chose to dance.

After having her foot amputated, the 32-year-old ballroom dancer and instructor told The Boston Herald, “I can’t let some (expletive) come along and steal my whole life. So I’ll dance again…Dancing is my life. Yeah, having my foot blown off, that really sucks. But I can’t wallow in woe is me.”read more



Triple Amputee’s first announcement to the press is that she plans to dance again! Wonderful story of hope!


Check out this inspiring wheelchair dancer’s story!


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