Dance With Us Ottawa Announces : Derek Hough Brings His Hot Moves To The Big Screen!

New dance movie is coming up soon and guess with who?!  Derek Hough from Dance with the Stars! Between you and me, the movie ischeezy and is more for teenage girls. After watching the preview, I’m not going to the movie for that, but it’s still an interesting news for the public 🙂

derek hough hotDerek Hough (Dancing with the Stars) is following in his younger sister Julianne’s footsteps — except forward and in flats — by stepping from the small to big screen in the upcoming dance movie “Make Your Move.”

Hough makes his feature film debut (if you don’t count appearing as a Hogwarts student at age 16 in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”) as a New Orleans dancer transplanted to New York City. He meets Aya — Korean pop superstar BoA also making her first big-screen appearance — who leads a hip-hop dance crew at NYC’s hot nightspot. They have an instant spark, but he runs afoul of her tough-guy brother (Will Yun Lee).

Director Duane Adler is a dance movie veteran, having written earlier smashes “Save the Last Dance” and the original “Step Up.” And the film features choreography from Emmy-award winning couple Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo from “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“Make Your Move” hits the big screen on April 18.

Make Your Move Official Trailer (2014) – Derek Hough, BoA Dance Movie HD
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